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Designed in 1952, the Sunfish is a miracle of simplicity and function. The sail plan requires just two lines and the boat can be set up and sailing in minutes. The patented kick-up rudder system allows for easier shallow water launching and retrieval. The Sunfish hull is light weight, car-toppable and and will provide years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment. The Sunfish combines performance, stability, and durability in a package that appeals to beginners and experts alike. If it's racing you crave, the International Sunfish Class sanctions hundreds of events each year. Add the local and regional events to that list and you can stay active racing your Sunfish. The class will keep you posted with information and performance tips in it's quarterly magazine, Windward Leg. The elegant simplicity, performance, and intelligent economy of the Sunfish are unmatched. Fortune magazine called it "one of the 25 best designed products in America." Young or old, short or tall, beginners or world champions, the Sunfish will provide you with years of fun. You will find Sunfish in resorts around the world and in your own backyard.
The Sunfish is available in two models with a wide variety of sail choices.




  • Length - 13.9 ft
  • Beam - 4.1 ft
  • Draft - 2.11 ft
  • Sail Area - 75 ft2
  • Hull Weight - 120 lbs
  • Capacity 1 - 2 People
  • Skill Level Beginner
  • Race Level Club-International
  • Optimal Sailor Weight 140 lbs
  • Transport Car-toppable



Beach Boat

A simple beach boat with great performance, the Sunfish has been creating smiles and providing enjoyment to sailors the world over for over 65 years.


Simple and Classic Rigging

Its simple and classic lateen rig with halyard provides simplicity and efficiency when rigging up for an adventure and calling it a day when it is time to come in.



For Sailors of all Ages

A simple and stable platform for sailors of all ages, the Sunfish is the choice for enthusiasts, weekend warriors, hard core racers, adventurers and sun lovers.


One Design Racing

A strong and global one design class for racers has provided completive racing for sailors around the globe for over 40 years.



Iconic Design

The iconic design known the world over has provided enjoyment not only for committed sailors but for hard core rock and rollers, movie stars, industry's movers and shakers as well Presidents of the United States.