RS Quba

The RS Quba is a modern sailing dinghy that is simply fun. Easily handled by one with enough space for two or more, the RS Quba is a perfect platform for beginners or experienced sailors. With a stable hull design and multiple rig options, the RS Quba sails great and was built to last. 


Price: $4175

(+$400 delivery from zim sailing to your location)



  • The RS Quba has built in stability with a wide hard chined hull
  • It has an uncluttered cockpit with wide rails for comfortable seating
  • The center of effort is well forward for easy tacking and gybing
  • A rockered hull shape gives added light wind speed and promotes planing
  • The raised foredeck in the RS Quba helps shed spray to keep you dry
  • The mainsail uses a track and halyard system for easy stepping of the mast
  • The RS Quba has an optional rowing kit


  • HULL LENGTH - 11ft 5in
  • BEAM - 4ft 6in
  • HULL WEIGHT - 128 lbs
  • MAIN SAIL AREA - 61 ft2
  • JIB SAIL AREA - 13 ft2
  • DESIGNER - Paul Handley



  • 3 Layer rotomolded RS Comptec PE3 construction
  • Tough outer skin, foam core for stiffness, strong inner skin
  • Thickness added in high load areas which enables reduced overall weight
  • Built in buoyancy with the middle foam layer
  • Brass inserts molded right into the hull provide strong mounting points
  • Virtually maintenance free