RS Tera

The RS Tera is the fun and modern alternative for youth single handed sailing. Easy to handle and exciting to sail, with multiple sail options all using the same rig, the RS Tera is a great learn to sail platform that will keep kids engaged. An ISAF International Class, there are established RS Tera fleets worldwide. Whether you are just learning how to sail, honing your skills and starting to race, or just beach sailing for fun with the family, the RS Tera delivers with performance and durability. 


Price: $3,725

(+$400 delivery from zim sailing to your location)



  • An open self-draining cockpit makes the RS Tera user friendly
  • The boat is easy to right from a capsize with recovery handles
  • The chined hull on the RS Tera adds stability and performance
  • A high lightweight boom helps avoid head injuries
  • The RS Tera is easy to rig and can be ready to sail in minutes
  • The boat is light enough for kids to handle on or off the water
  • The RS Tera is made for one but big enough for two small kids
  • Two sail options for recreational or performance sailing
  • Optional rowing kit


  • HULL LENGTH - 9ft 5in
  • BEAM - 4ft
  • HULL WEIGHT - 86 lbs
  • MAIN SAIL AREA - 28 ft2
  • DESIGNER - Paul Handley



  • 3 Layer rotomolded RS Comptec PE3 construction
  • Tough outer skin, foam core for stiffness, strong inner skin
  • Thickness added in high load areas which enables reduced overall weight
  • Built in buoyancy with the middle foam layer
  • Brass inserts molded right into the hull of the RS Tera give added strength and make changing rig configurations a breeze
  • Virtually maintenance free