Hobie Wild Cat

The Wild Cat is your ticket to all-out thrills. Simply put, speed is addictive. Savor some windy-day trapeze time and your brain quickly acclimates to quick closing times, and rapidly advancing horizons.

The Wild Cat (Hobie Cat Europe's no-holds-barred Formula 18 class killer) is designed to efficiently feed your adrenaline addiction. Elegant, functional touches include wave-piercing bows, an integrated wing-mast section, high- aspect ratio daggerboards and rudders, dual trapezes, a spinnaker launching-and-retrieval system and seriously fast fiberglass hulls. Weight the trapeze wires and the Wild Cat immediately delivers real-world lessons in "evolving" apparent-wind angles. Caveat emptor: face-splitting smiles and unadulterated good times included!


Crew 2-3
Length 18'
Beam 8' 6"
Capacity 529 lbs
Weight 397 lbs
Draft w/ Rudders Up 7"
Mast Length 29' 6"
Total Sail Area 454 sq ft
Hull Construction Fiberglass/Foam Sandwich

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